Service —— HKPCRA

Provide services on Online Shop and App

As a registered member, you can enjoy various high-quality services either on the APP or Online Shop, customers access to One-Stop instant service more convenient.


Management The Distribution System

Combined with B2C Model and CRM System, we offer services for customers with a powerful IT package support. It is helpful for enterprises to collect big data, accelerate brand building, strengthen market penetration, so as to enhance corporate image.


Sales Services

Completing purchase on App/Web Online Shop makes customers to check the order status anytime, anywhere.


Online Payment

Simple operation process, one key to complete the payment.



Product —— HST 康思堂

Sell products on Online Shop and App

As a registered member, you can view and accquire various types of products on APP or Online Shop.


Membership Management

Manage and maintain customer relationship


Order Management

Manage order, arrange delivery, update order record.


Product Management

Sell products through Online Shop and App.


Information Push

Push relevant product information regularly, including order status, New arrival, Sales, etc.



Course —— Fitness Corner

Course Management with backend and App

Customers can purchase and book courses on the APP, Admin manage members and courses at the platform.

A strong Course Management System - including but not limited to functions: Customer Management, Booking Courses, Arranging Schedule, Data Analysis


Customer Management

Master customer basic information.

Manage customer purchase records.

Record the customer's attendance.


Booking Courses

Proceed Class appointments and cancellations electronically.

Intelligent search of appointment information.

Avoid tedious process and data errors caused by Excel records.


Arranging schedule

Arrange the time, place and teacher.

Set the proportion of take out the course.

Bulk operation of course scheduling.


Data Analysis

Monthly sales data.

Trial customer/full member data.

Reminder to follow-up with member who is about to expire.

Customer attendance data.

In order to make an accurate commercial decisions, business partner get used of the collected data, on the basis of a clearer understanding of customers' consumption habits, facilitate timely adjustment of marketing direction and improve execution efficiency.